stefano luciano portrait

Stefano Luciano

Stefano Luciano was born in Montecchio Maggiore in 1979

Expositions à la galerie

Stefano Luciano was born in Montecchio Maggiore in 1979, he graduated in “Painting and Graphic Arts” at the Academy of Art in Venice. At Ca’ Foscari University, he specialized in Art, Pictorial Disciplines, History of Art and Design. He carries on his formation contributing to Busato print shop of art in Vicenza; there he developed his chalcographic and lithographical techniques.

The union between his professional training and his strong commitment to graphic arts and painting, give birth to a production which privileges details and where the light and shade effects seem to restore neglected elements. His works are characterized by a considerable complexity due to the use of different strategies such as soft ground, etching and dry point for the engravings, and mixed media for the paintings. His paintings often have big sizes and they represent, as their privileged subjects, not only parts of abandoned or out of commission architectural constructions but also minute details which express a significant charm and have a fine poetical quality able to arouse a troubled and sad thoughtfulness.

Main exposures

2014 Salon International du livre ancient au Gran Palais, Paris; Reflection of Matter, Philobiblon Gallery, Rome. 2013 Opening gallery, Alessandro Ghiotto Art Gallery, Vicenza; Stefano Luciano, Engraving and Painting, Art Gallery Arkè Venice. 2012 Stefano Luciano, Painting, Art Gallery Ghelfi, Vicenza; FIG Bilbao 2012, Festival of Contemporary Engraving, Bilbao. Selected; 13th European Biennial for Graphic Art, Arentshuis Museum, Bruges. Selected. 2009 V° Prize Santa Croce for Graphics, Santacroce sull’Arno. First prize; IV° Intenational Prize for Graphic art Jesus Nunez, La Coruna. Selected.


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